Netflix’s Black Lives Matter Featured Collection

Black History Month is winding down, and so we bid adieu to the social media posts saluting African American heroes, and the displays of racial solidarity from corporations. We also see the end of “Black Stories” compilations on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. While still available, these Black television shows and Black movies won’t be featured together again until February 2022 when the next Black History Month rolls around. Am I complaining that a spotlight is being shone on Black stories? As a biracial man in America, I think certainly not. And these kinds of stories are especially important…

Rest in a thousand little pieces

Rule of Law, known and respected widely by a majority of Americans, died a public and very tragic death this past Tuesday.

In the week since her death, tributes have appeared in most reputable newspapers, television news networks, and social media sites. Other more extremist and fringe media outlets and politicians, including the President of the United States, have been silent on the matter.

Although not born in the United States of America, Rule of Law flourished in the early days of the country. John Adams, a founder and second President, insisted that the country be one of laws and…

Why we need to support the arts now more than ever

Just finishing a season that was delayed due to the pandemic, the National Basketball Association has been a model for other professional leagues on how to resume operations as close to normal as possible. Living in a bubble at Disney World helped the league bring back the sport to its fans while at the same time protecting players and team management from COVID-19.

Besides providing entertainment to the fans, there was a financial incentive to get the game going again — professional sports are a hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars industry in the US. And the thing that sports have going for them is…

The A-F grading scale may not only reflect mediocrity, it may be causing it.

The story of the modern education system begins some time in the 1800’s. Unlike the expectation in classrooms across America, you don’t need to know the exact date. There won’t be a test at the end of this article. But if there was, would it change how you read this article? Would you pay more attention to key dates and names? After all, you clicked on this article not expecting a test. Maybe you clicked on it because the title intrigued you. You were able to choose what it was you wanted to read. And so, hopefully, you read through…

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